Our Services

Cloud Strategy

We can help you first to strategize and design your cloud depending on your budget and your needs.

Infrastructure Analysis

We can run a deep analysis of your cloud infrastructure. Evaluate if it is fully efficient and perform a cost analysis. Cloud can be costly but with a few techniques you can make sure to keep a lean budget.


We can help you migrate your infrastructure from a completely on premises environment to a fully microservices architecture in the cloud.

CI/CD Pipeline

We are able to set up complex development and deployment pipeline with several environment. The shorter the time between a commit and production deployment, the more advantage you have on your competition!

Why us ?

At Cloud 8, we are thriving for quality and are result driven

Vendor and cloud agnostic

We are completely independent from any cloud vendor hence we are able to select the best tools for your needs.



Our focus on quality allows us to build scalable system. And whether horizontally and vertically we make sure your system is always on - no matter what the pressure. Of course everything is done programatically.


Full end to end cloud integration

At Cloud 8, we have technical specialist with strong technical knowledges. This help us to build state of the art pipeline and system, resilient and efficient and avoiding any non foreseen edge effect. With experience comes robustness.


Kubernetes specialist

With two years' experience on production systems running on Kubernetes, we were ahead of the curve. Our consultants are all trained on kubernetes and have an equivalent of a Certified Kubernetes Administrator level.


Passionate about cloud infrastructures for 5 years

Our Mission

We want to help companies to leverage open source tools to automate and deploy their infrastructure. Good DevOps practices are not only IT related but also business related. We help clients to reach efficient software delivery.

No quality trade

At Cloud 8 we ensure your cloud infrastructure benefits from a quality work from our consultants. Because quality should never be neglected, they will work closely with your developers to ensure backend, frontend and infrastructure are working together seemlessly

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